Cosmetics Product Manufacturing

Cosmetics are the active elements for beauty care products. These products are designed to augment the look and the feel of the consumer. Cosmetics manufacturers are engaged in the production of a variety of cosmetic products. Most commonly used cosmetic products are lipsticks, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, blushers, sweat gels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, facial creams, hair dyes and body lotions. Cosmetics manufacturers are engaged in the business of creating, marketing and selling cosmetic products. The BPI Labs are engaged in the business of producing, processing, packaging and retailing cosmetics and health and beauty products throughout the world.

The scope of cosmetic manufacturing is immense. It can be restricted to manufacturing sanitary products, blood products, surgical supplies and pharmaceutical products. Cosmetics product can also be made available on prescription by doctors under the name of 'cosmoceutical' or 'cosmeceutical'. Cosmetics manufacturers are licensed by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States to produce and handle cosmetic products.

There are various requirements for cosmetic product manufacturing. The basic requirement is that the product should not have a strong smell. A strong smell can spoil the whole purpose of manufacturing the cosmetic product. The second requirement is that the cosmetic product should not contain any artificial ingredients.

Cosmetics manufacturers are required to submit detailed information about the manufacturing process and materials used for making the finished product. The information submitted should describe the manufacturing process, the amount of all ingredients required, steps to be taken while grinding the ingredients, storage conditions, duration of ingredient blending, etc. The details should be in the form of written documents like laboratory test reports, batch records, ingredient identification records etc. All these documents are required to comply with the hygiene requirements as well.

Most of the cosmetic products contain small amounts of many chemicals. Some of these chemicals are required to be included in the manufacturing procedure while some are added at the end of the manufacturing process. In some cosmetic products, small amount of colorants are also used. The use of chemicals is necessary in making personal care products because the products are used for external application only. So the chemicals should be harmless and should not cause any harm to the users.

Cosmetics manufacturers are required to provide information on the testing procedures that are used before using any of their cosmetic product. This helps in avoiding potential hazards. Cosmetic products can be sold without any prescription. However prescription is generally not required for selling over the counter. It is mandatory to have a prescription for selling over the counter cosmetic products. See page to get a detailed overview of this topic:

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